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Special prenatal and postpartum yoga.

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Prenatal Mediation
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Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga



  • Saturdays @9:30am and every other Tuesday @7:00pm or choose a private session.

 Registration closes 2 hours before class starts so please register early. A suggestion is to register at least a day in advance* 


Classes are specifically designed for the many beautiful changes in you body during the perinatal time- before, during and after pregnancy.  Receive comfort and relaxation from these classes all while focusing on gentle strength and balance in the whole body as well as the pelvic floor.             


Here is what a typical perinatal/gentle practice looks like:

  • Intention setting

  • Safe pregnancy yoga breathing techniques that can help during labor

  • Slow warming  gentle movements in the seated and fours positions

  • Gentle standing and balancing postures

  • Cooling and restorative postures with props 

  • Meditative savasana-connecting with the power of being a woman/ and your baby.

*Please sign up sooner rather than later so I can be prepared and know if I will have people there. My suggestion is to sign up at least a day ahead of time. There is the option to go in and cancel (as long as you do at least 1 hour before class starts) if you need to. I also have an app if you would prefer to book on the go. Here is an invite link 



The drop in rate is $15.

Or SAVE and buy a class pass.

9 classes for $90 ($10/class)

5 classes for $60 ($12/class)

3 classes for $40 ($13/class)

*Look for a free class when subscribing to my email list.

To see pricing options click the button above- it will take you to my "Offerings" page.

Click on "Prenatal Yoga" tab and choose "Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga." 

Read the "Details & Book." It will explain everything there. 


If there is any concern if prenatal is safe for you and your pregnancy or postpartum time. Please check with your healthcare provider. Please be prepared to sign a liability form before class. 

**Due to the business space that we hold our classes in & days that Crystal needs to be off for her family-there may be infrequent changes to days and times of our yoga classes. When/if this rarely happens-an email or announcement will be posted to let you know with ample time before the yoga class. Thank you for understanding.**





Here are Some Steps on How to Get Started


Check our availability and book the date and time of your class

(make sure you are logged into your account)



Or Watch Our Video:

Prenatal anc

Choose your pricing plan

Choose a Class Pass. Once chosen - Book your desired Yoga Class in services.

  • Best Value

    Yoga Class Pass - 9

    Valid for 9 months
    • 9- Punch Pass
  • Yoga Class Pass - 5

    Valid for 9 months
    • 5-Punch Pass
  • Yoga Class Pass - 3

    Valid for 9 months
    • 3-Punch Pass
  • Yoga Single Class -1

    Valid for 9 months
    • 1 Class
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