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Let your MESS become your MESSAGE

The other day I was listening to a podcast about how to build a passion.....something that was a life changing experience........ into something AMAZING. Something that could touch others in a way that they might need. I heard this quote.........."Let your MESS become your MESSAGE." I thought to myself "oh my gosh, this is exactly what I have had the opportunity to do."

Rewind a few years back.. I was pregnant for my 5th time, expecting baby number 3.'s a hard thing.

We were blessed though, with a new little light that would soon join our family. With having experienced a miscarriage, always in back of my mind I experienced doubt and fear.

What if?

It was during this time that I found yoga. It helped me to develop a peace that I kept coming back to throughout my pregnancy. Through poses (asanas) and my breathe (pranayama) I was able to calm the negative and connect with my baby in a positive way. It was such a special time.

It was also at this time that I was preparing for my baby's birth day. Up to that point I had 2 births that were not totally ideal (ha, I'm not for sure if many are:) but I knew I wanted to prepare for the best I could possible prepare for.

In came HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method. A wonderful philosophy and birth tool to help pregnant women in preparing their bodies and minds to have a serene, calm and even pain free birth. It encourages women to trust in their natural birthing instincts and block out the world's view of painful births by means of deep relaxation, meditation , hypnosis, breathing, positive affirmations and imagery.

As I dived more into my yoga practice as well as HypnoBirthing® prep, I soon realized the two were working in harmony with one another. With these beautiful tools, I had found a new love.

Fast forward a few I am developing and sharing these blessings. It is blossoming!

I have been so blessed to take a hardship and turn it into something I LOVE to share with others. Something that I hope others will benefit from also. This is my mess and my MESSAGE!:)

Check out my website to see my prenatal yoga/gentle yoga schedule and my 2019 HypnoBirthing schedule.


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