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Need to rent out a space? We have a great community space that covers all your needs.


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GATHR- A Community Space Collective

Over the years of running my small little business, I have always needed a space to hold both my HypnoBirthing and yoga classes. I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful community business owners that were willing to rent me a space or hire me to teach in their space.  It’s been great but as I have grown I have found that my business needs a space that is dedicated to just me and the people I am honored to share my loves and passions with.  Perhaps you do too!


Driving home from a 14 hour family trip, we happened to notice there was a for rent sign at an old historic farm cottage in old Lehi. We enquired about the space for rent and found it to be absolutely perfect. It is a spacious 323 square ft room with high ceilings, beautiful big farmhouse windows and a rich historic and healing background.


The space has been named GATHR- A Community Space Collective. A place to gather, cultivate creativity and collectively share with community.  Our dream is to help you build your dream in a way that is affordable and sustainable. To share and grow your light with others. Gather for small classes, events, pop-ups, trainings, workshops, photography and showcase other creative needs. The list goes on and on. This is a space to celebrate YOU & COMMUNITY. 

Scroll below for rates, FAQ'S, rules, featured classes and other information.